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TURNER, Catherine
(Abt 1738-1797)
SCHONKEN, Bartholomeus
VAN ELLEWEE, Elizabeth Maria
ANDERSON, William of Griquatown, Rev.
SCHONKEN, Johanna Maria
ANDERSON, Bartholomew Ebenezer, Rev.


Family Links

1. MELVILLE, Janet Susan

2. ELLIOTT, Georgina Johanna
3. ANDERSON, Elizabeth

ANDERSON, Bartholomew Ebenezer, Rev. 1 2 5 6 7 8 9 10

  • Born: Nov 25, 1819, Griquatown South Africa 1 2 5 6 10
  • Marriage (1): MELVILLE, Janet Susan on Nov 2, 1841 in Pacaltsdorp South Africa 1 2 3 4
  • Marriage (2): ELLIOTT, Georgina Johanna on Feb 20, 1856 1
  • Marriage (3): ANDERSON, Elizabeth after 1889
  • Died: Sep 19, 1900, Home Of Son F.W. Anderson, Somerset West, Western Cape South Africa at age 80 1 2 6 10
  • Buried: 1900, Oudtshoorn South Africa. 10 11

bullet   Other names for Bartholomew were ANDERSON, Bartholomew Ebenezer, ANDERSON, Batholemeus Ebenhaezer, Rev. and ANDERSON, Batholomeus Ebenhaezer, Rev.


bullet  General Notes:

Bartholomew was a London Missionary Society Missionary at Dyseldorp, the mission station about 18 miles east of Oudtshoorn, to which he came as a teacher but where he was also engaged in evangelistic work. He was ordained on the 5th May 1848 and as pastor at Dysellsdorp also ministered to congregations at Oudtshoorn and elsewhere. He spent most of the remainder of his active years as minister of the Oudtshoorn Independent Church, retiring on 1st July 1896. The London Missionary Society (L.M.S.) credits him with 50 years service. His children and grandchildren erected a draped marble pillar in his memory in ht Presbyterian section of the Oudtshoorn Cemetery with an inscription which includes the statement that he preached the Gospel in the district for more than 50 years. 1 5

bullet  Death Notes:

Death Notice Transcription

KAB MOOC 6/9/413/3694 of 1900 filed on 18th October 1900 Ref no 115/159.

Name of Deceased: Bartholomew Ebenezer ANDERSON (of Oudtshoorn)
Birthplace: Griquatown
Father of deceased: Rev William ANDERSON
Mother of Deceased: Johanna Maria SCHONKEN
Age of Deceased: 80 years and 10 months
Occupation: Minister of the Gospel
Ordinary place of Residence:
Condition in Life: Married
Surviving Spouse: Elizabeth ANDERSON
Pre-deceased Spouse and date of decease: Janet Susan MELVILL (about 1855); Georgina Johanna ELLIOTT (August 1889)
Date of Death: 19th September 1900
Place of Death: At the residence of F. W. ANDERSON in Somerset West
Children of the Deceased:

First Marriage:-
Anna Fredrika ANDERSON married to Henry HELM
Johanna Maria ANDERSON married to Nicolaas MEYER
Janet Susan ANDERSON married to Matthew HARRIS?
Ebenezer Thomas ANDERSON
Frederick William ANDERSON

Second Marriage:-
Georgina Johanna ANDERSON married to John EDMEADES (deceased)
George Elliott Caldwell ANDERSON
Isabella Maria Eleanor ANDERSON married to Charles HOOKEY or HOCKEY?
Charles Thompson ANDERSON
Ina Annie ANDERSON married to William PHILIPSON
Mildred Catherine Eveline ANDERSON
Ronald James ANDERSON
Alexandra Euphemia ANDERSON
All the above were majors

Movable Property: Yes
Immovable Property: Yes
Estate exceeds £300:
Deceased left a Will: Yes
Dated at: Oudtshoorn on 24th September 1900
Signed by: E.T. ANDERSON - Eldest son of the deceased.


bullet  Events

• Occupation, 1837. 10 12 At 18 he was already trained as a carpenter-builder and returned to Pacaltsdorp where he became re-acquainted with Janet Malvill.

• Marriage, Nov 2, 1841, Pacaltsdorp South Africa. 3 4 10 From page 181 of the source a graphic description is given of the marriage ceremony of Bartholomew and Janet Melvill, and in particular Bartholomew's speech covered very interesting historical grounds.

• Ordination: Minister of Religion, May 5, 1848, Pacaltsdorp South Africa. 3 4 10 12 Dr Philip carried out his ordination at the church in Pacaltsdorp after which he was appointed to the mission station at Dysselsdorp where he served for 22 years before proceeding to Oudtshoorn where he spent the rest of his long life in charge of the Congregational mission church with numerous outsstations
In the Helm Family History, it was his father William Anderson who ordained him.
According to I.F.Du Preez, this is correct. Present also at the ceremony were the Revs.T.S.Hood and R.Th. Gegorowoski.

• Occupation: Missionary Work, May 5, 1848, Dysseldorp, Oudtshoorn District, Cape Colony, Southern Africa. 3 10 11 13 He laboured at Dysselsdorp until 1862 and then he was called to Oudsthoorn where he served as a missionary in the Congregational Church for the next 38 years.

• Historical, 1856-1872. 10 12 Matjes River had initially shown great promise but eventually became a financial burden and half of the farm had to be sold. Around thuis time a new church was built, still in use today alongside the church bell, the old manse, and a newer school, in a stupendous setting at the base of the Swartberg. A large portrait of B.E.Anderson still looms above the pulpit.

• Historical, 1862. 10 12 The sheer size of the area became unmanageable and Anderson took charge of Outdtshoorn and Matjes River stations, and a new minister took over Dysselsdorp

• Historical, 1870-1879. 10 12 In the 1870's there was a great shortage of missionaries, threatening the life of the Churches and B.E.Anderson along with Chatles Searle of Great Braak River, travelled to London in 1879, and they were able to recruit young men from the Harley Institute to volunteer in Africa. These included Rev.Ramage, who would in time manage Dysselsdorp, the Rev. G.B.Anderson who would begin a different Anderson dynasty in Pacaltssssdorp.

• Historical: Active Life, Jul 1, 1896, Oudtshoorn, Cape Colony, Southern Africa. 10

• Alt. Burial: Pillar in Memory, Aft.19 Sep 1900, Oudtshoorn, Cape Colony, Southern Africa. 10 12 He was burried in the old cemetery and subsequently exhumed and laid to rest in the cemetery off Condor Street where his descendants later erected a most impressive monument. Georgina lies burried beside him.

• Alt Death. 10 According to this source he died in Oudsthoorn on 19 Sep 1900

• Death. KAB MOOC 6/9/413 Ref 3694 is his DN which is mostly in agreement with the records so far inscribed into Legacy. One major difference is that the DN omitted 8 children that were shown in Legacy.However in examining the life times of the 8, 6 of them had died young and there is no indication as to the other two children, John du Toit and Charles but it may be reasionably assumed that they had also died at a very young age.
The other is that the DN states that Janet Susan married Adams, whereas the insciption in Legacy from another souce says that Janet Catherine was the bride. Thus in Legacy we have recorded an alternative name.


Bartholomew married Janet Susan MELVILLE, daughter of John MELVILL and Anna Frederika STADLER, on Nov 2, 1841 in Pacaltsdorp South Africa.1 2 3 4 (Janet Susan MELVILLE was born on Mar 23, 1819 in Cape Town South Africa,1 12 14 died on Dec 26, 1854 in Matjiesriver, Near Cango, Cape Colony, Southern Africa 1 5 14 and was buried in The Old Graveyard Below The Old Church At Dysseldorp, Oudtshoorn District, Cape Colony, Southern Africa 1 12.)


• Alt Marriage, 1842. 12 In this source there is a contradictory marriage date and place. To quote:- "William Anderson and John Melvill presided at their wedding in Dysseldorp in 1842. Theirs is the first entry in the well-preserved marriage register. They planned to live there, assisting the Melvills, and Bartholomew would live by his trade, run the school, and preach in the large district."


Bartholomew next married Georgina Johanna ELLIOTT, daughter of Rev. William Caldwell ELLIOT and Georgina Johanna CALDWELL, on Feb 20, 1856.1 (Georgina Johanna ELLIOTT was born on Jun 2, 1834 in Paarl, Cape Colony, Southern Africa 1 5 and died on Aug 22, 1889 in Oudtshoorn, Cape Colony, Southern Africa 1 2 5 6.)


Bartholomew next married Elizabeth ANDERSON after 1889. (Elizabeth ANDERSON died after Sep 1900.)



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