EVERTS, Unknown
DECKERS, Prijnen
EVERTS, Abraham
(Abt 1680-Abt 1712)


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LE FEBRE, Catharina

EVERTS, Abraham

  • Born: Abt 1680, Middleburg Zeeland, Nederlands 2
  • Marriage: LE FEBRE, Catharina on Aug 10, 1700 in Stellenbosch, Cape Province, South Africa 1
  • Died: Abt 1712 aged about 32

bullet   Another name for Abraham was EVERTSZ (EVERTS), Abraham.3


bullet  Events:

1. Family. The first 3 children in his marriage with Catharina Le Febre were born out of wedlock and there is no present information available regarding them.
In his e-mail dated 14 May 2006, Richard Ball points out the following :-
"Since the Catharina le Febre who was born at the Cape, is assumed (by De Villiers / Pama - not by me, I have no evidence one way or the other) to be the daughter of Pierre le Febre and his wife Maria de Grave and baptised (not born) at the Cape on the 27th August 1688
Cape Town baptismal register 1665-1695, page 36, 1688
< eodem dito (27 Aug) een kind van Pierre La Febre en is genaamd Catarijn, de moeder en getuigen zijn Maria de Grave get. Nicolaas Kleef en Aaltie ter Meulen>
she would have been just about 12 years old when she married Abraham Evertsz. This would also make sense of her first child not being born until 1706, either she did not become capable of bearing children until she was about 16 or so, or she did not actually live with him as his wife until later. Since she was 12 when she married, it seems extremely unlikely that she had 3 children prior to the marriage, illegitimate or otherwise."
See my Summarry below which evidence now shows that Catharina had the 3 so-called "born out of wedlock" children after the death of her first husband Abraham Evertsz but before marying Christoffel Smit, with whom she had another 3 children.

2. Family. Copied from an e-mail from Andrew Rodger at
Is Everts a common name?
The second van Graan line (Heese and Lombard p. 505) has (b.3) Johan Georg van GRAAN marrying Johanna Jacoba Dorothea EVERTS on 4.3.1821, and Christina Maria Rygaard van de KAAP later on (date not stated). His first offspring was Jan George Jacobus, *15.12.1842, and it doesn't say which wife he was from, but perhaps the Jacobus means it was the first wife. George clearly comes from the father and Jan could come from oth. The second was Dorothea Christina *9.6.1845, whose names confusingly come from both wives, and the third, fourth and fifth have "new" first names, though there is a throwback in the second names of two of them; the sixth is all new, and the seventh goes back to Johanna. The tenth is clearly from the second wife, but not until 1888. Could this chap really have procreated over such a long time?

This line is my wife's, and connects to the famous Widow PRIEM; they
hailed from the Swartland.

3. Alt Death, Abt 1716. 4 Richard Ball writes:- Resolutions of the Council of Policy 28 April 1716, C38 There is a petition from Catharina La Febre to have the amount originally estimated for the Weeskamer reduced - she refers to the date of this Act as being 29 April 1713 so my guess about the date of Abram Everts death must be wrong and the date on the Inventory correctly interpreted as 21 Maart 1712 - giving him a death prior to that date.
Later on 2 Aug 06, Richard Ball writes "He appears for the first time in the muster rolls of free settlers at the Cape in 1693 in the Stellenbosch district and seems to have lived there until his death in 1712."

4. Historical. I have the Opgaaf Rolle (Tax rolls) and in 1700 he has only a wife. In 1709 and 1712 he is shown to have had one wife and one daughter.
He seems to have been a vintner. In 1700 he had 1000 vines, in 1709 he had
12000. In 1712 all figures are 0. According to the O R he had no slaves.
Gerda Pieterse

5. Historical. Ralph Anderson summing up recently gathered information as follows: Thanks Gerda, This clears up one point nicely.Abraham Evertsz married Catharina Le Fevre on 10 Aug 1700 but his one daughter Appolonia, was not born until 11 Apr 1706. Then Abraham must have died sometime before or during 1712. Catharia then marries Christoffel Smit on the 9 Feb1721, but my information shows they had 3 children before marriage namely Katrijn 1715, Adriana 1717, and Johannes 1720. This must have given rise to the story surrounding Catharina of what was in those days termed illigitimate children about whom nothing further is known.However I have it that they had 2 more children namely Marija 1726, and Elizabeth, 1730.

6. Historical. Richard Ball e-mail dated 05 Aug 2006 states as follows:-This is the information I have been able to gather:Abraham Evertsz (the name is probably a patronym, ie. take from his father's first name, hence the z (for zoon) at the end) He first appears in the Muster Rolls of free settlers at the Cape in 1693, resident in the Stellenbosch District.. farmer of Stellenbosch MOOC 13/1/1, 78, Estate Accounts - Evertsz, Abram - 1716 wijlen den Landbouwer Abram Evertsz landbouwer = farmer a grower mainly of vines (from Gerda's opgaaf evidence) presumably for making wine and brandy.born Middelburg Church Registers - Stellenbosch Congregation, marriages 1700, Aug 10 Abraham Evertsz van Middelburg jongman met Catharina le Febre van de Caab jonge dogter
He was born Middelburg, she at the Cape.died circa February 1712 VC 39, Muster Roll, page 247, 1712, Stellenbosch
Catharina la Febre, wede. Abraham Everts (C la F, widow of A E)
1 STB 18/155, page 262, dated 8 November 1712
... de schoorsteen van de Weduwe Abraham Evertsz hebben wij te [lecg] gevinden ...( the hearth/chimney of the widow of Abraham Evertsz we have found to be [lecq])
1 STB 18/30: Inventory - Everts, Abram inventory dated 21 March 1712 (I suspect the date is in fact later)
According to the inventory drawn up after his death, they owned a house at Stellenbosch in which the widow was then living and he had sold in April 1712 a farm and vineyard called Calbasse Craal also at Stellenbosch to Pieter Jansz Swanepoel , on which only a portion had so far been paid off, and they or she would seem to have sold a farm in Jan de Jonker's Hoek to Dirk Vion on which money was still owing. <>


Abraham married Catharina LE FEBRE, daughter of Pierre LE FEBRE and Marie DE GRAVE, on Aug 10, 1700 in Stellenbosch, Cape Province, South Africa.1 (Catharina LE FEBRE was born on Aug 27, 1688 in Cape Colony, Southern Africa 2, christened on Aug 27, 1688 in Capetown South Africa and died on Jun 28, 1760 in Stellenbosch 1.)



1 Richard Ball (Various E-mail Information).

2 System, E-mail Plus Data (A System Ploy for adding miscellaneous data from various non official sources).

3 Annale v.d. NG Moedergemeente, Stellenbosch
No.1 G2 4/1 Doopregister 1688-1732
(New CD published February 2005).

4 Various, The SOUTH AFRICAN Genealogy Group to which I subscribe provides a large number of inputs not necessirilly with the sources..

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