YOUNG, William
YOUNG, Elizabeth
HORNBLOW, Sarah Emily
(Abt 1789-1843)


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1. MOORE, George

2. CADLE, John Henry
3. THOMAS, James
4. GURNEY, Charles

HORNBLOW, Sarah Emily 1

  • Born: Abt 1789, Essex England 1
  • Marriage (1): MOORE, George on Jun 17, 1810 in St.Martins-In-The-Fields (London?) 1
  • Marriage (2): CADLE, John Henry on Jan 29, 1816 in St.Pauls, Deptford, Kent, England 1
  • Marriage (3): THOMAS, James on Dec 7, 1824
  • Marriage (4): GURNEY, Charles on Dec 7, 1828 1
  • Died: Nov 3, 1843, Port Elizabeth Eastern Cape South Africa aged about 54 1

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On Mon, May 26, 2014 at 11:46 PM, annie pomeroy wrote:
Yesterday I decided to see what else might have come up in relation to my 3 times great grandmother Sarah Hornblow since i last looked in 2008.
I was somewhat strated to find someone had given her a mother who was born the best part of 100 years after Sarah died in 1843.
This trouble me so much that I woke at 3 am and felt compelled to set the record straight.
Below is the evidence i have - you can find more on my website
Sarah Hornblow Father John Hornblow . Mother, Elizabeth
Marriage of JOHN HORNBLOW in Boyd's Marriages 1775 St George Botolph Lane London ( close to Goodmans fields where John heard the Baptist orator Anthony Boothe speak )
spouse Elizabeth
source Society of Genealogists
I INVENTED Elizabeth's surname for the purposes of my novel about her life , also the names of her uncle and aunt.
The other character in my story who is a decided invention is that of her rejected suitor Richard Winterbottom although the character was based on someone I knew. Everyone else in my novel was a real person.
I was surprised to find this on <>
THIS can not possibly be Elizabeth mother for Sarah. THE DATES are wrong by about 175 years
Elizabeth YOUNG 1st married David Peters WHITTON, son of John Blyth WHITTON and Helen Ferguson THOMSON, in 1921 in Forfar Ref 288/A-41.1 (David Peters WHITTON was born in 1897 in Monifieth Angus Scotland Ref 310-46 3 and died on 14 May 1960 in Royal Infirmary, Dundee

John married Elizabeth YOUNG, daughter of William YOUNG and Helen MATHEW. (Elizabeth YOUNG was born about 1900 2 and died on 12 Jun 1941 in 21 Balvaird Place, Perth 2.)
Turned out of her home of 40 years by the Braintree Church elders Elizabeth Hornblow died in Kentish Town in 1821 taken in by the Baprist church there. She probably died in very reduced circumstance
her daughter Sarah Emily Hornblow Born: Abt 1789, Essex England
Marriage (1): MOORE, George on 17 Jun 1810 in St.Martins-In-The-Fields London witnessed by Hannah Horblow and William Moore LDS fiche seen 3 children
Marriage (2): CADLE, John Henry on 29 Jan 1816 in St.Pauls, Deptford, 6 children
Marriage (3): THOMAS, James on 7 Dec 1824 Grahamstown South Africa - 2 children
Marriage (4): GURNEY, Charles on 7 Dec 1828 .
Died: 3 Nov 1843, Port Elizabeth Eastern Cape South Africa aged about 54 1
Sarah married George MOORE Children were
1. Mary Catherine Moore born on 30 March 1811 ( 40 weeks exactly after the wedding) in Colchester Died age 12 in Grahamstown SA
2. John Cotton Moore possibly born 1812 . There is no record of his birth in the Colchester registers after 1813
3 Sarah Georgiana Moore Bapt. 14th March 1813 at St James the Great Church on East Hill Colchester. As yet it is not possible to confirm her whereabouts between 1816 and 1838 when she married Augustus Pomery in Stepney.
I have tracked a John Moore, a tailor of the right age , in the 1830 local church census's first in East Street Colchester and later nearby Mistley, Occupation Tailor then Agent for East India Company and finally Sail Maker.John is mentioned in his mother Will of 1843 but as yet it is not possible to confirm his whereabouts after she left him behind in 1816 age-5 or 6.
Sarah next married John CADLE on 29 Jan 1816 in St.Pauls, Deptford, Kent, (John CADLE was born about 1795 in England although I have found where and died on 11 Oct 1823 near Salem Cape South Africa .( NOTE John HENRY Cadle was his son )
Sarah next married James THOMAS on 7 Dec 1824. in Grahamstown Cape Colony, Marriage: by Rev. T. Ireland on 7 Dec 1824 they had two children Ann and a son,James Thomas who was blind. he died in 1827.
Sarah next married Charles GURNEY on 7 Dec 1828.1 (Charles GURNEY was born in DEAL in KENT England
Her parents married in January 1775 and mention was made of them having a 'large family' by the time John Hornblow was ordained and given the Ministry in Braintree in 1779. In those pre contraception days there could have been a child born every 18 months or so until in 1795 when Hannah was born. Mother Elizabeth would have been about 40 by then and Hannah may have been her last child. This would have produced a family of 14 or 15 children.
These are all we have found so far. Baptists did not baptise babies so records are difficult. Baptismal records do exist however which is how I found the following
William Hornblow, son of John and Elizabeth. Born Sep 18 1782
Baptised age 12 on 3 Dec 1802 at St. Michael the Archangel, Braintree.
Ann Hornblow born 1783 in Bocking.
Married 1804 in Bocking to Stephen Brown. (Braintree and Bocking are one place now)
Lidia Hornblow, born circa 1794 - I was informed that Lidia had an illegitimate child but have not seen proof of this.
Married at St. Michael, Braintree a minor & a spinster
1814 Mar 7 to Edward Hayward of Saffron Walden, Bachelor
By Licence, with consent of Parents Both signed the register.
Witnessed by, Hannah Hornblow and others. . ( ref Boyd's Essex)
Son Edward Hayward born 1815 in Saffron Waldon
Hannah Hornblow d. of John and Elizabeth Hornblow Abode: Braintree
Father: Dissenting Minister
Born. Feb 6, 1795; Baptised age 21 in 1816 Mar 20
( 3 months after her father's 1st stroke at Christmas 1815)
Married to Lloyd Henry Standish on 23 Aug 1816 St Lukes Old Street Finsbury
Son Lloyd Henry Penafiel Standish born 1926
A Hannah Hornblow & A William Moore witnessed Sarahs Marriage to George Moore in 1810
Martha Hornblow wife of Ebenezer Hornblow who witnessed Sarah's second marriage in 1816
Who Ebenezer was I have not established , he could have been John Hornblow's brother but have been unable to confirm this so far.
The only Ebenezer Hornblow I have found are
EBENEZER HORNBLOW Married MARTHA DELLER b ?1782 - was he the brother of John Hornblow??
son Joseph born 1807 died 1875
if this is the same chap Martha may have died before 1817 and he remarried
2. EBENEZER HORNBLOW m MARY ? REEEVE 29 NOV 1817 Saint Bride Fleet St, London, London.
listed in the record. The source records are usually arranged chronologically by the marriage date.
1. EDMUND EBENEZER HORNBLOW Chr.: 13 JUN 1819 living in Great Surrey Street - father jeweller Christchurch, Southwark, London,
2. EBENEZER HORNBLOW born 1819. In Christchurch Surrey occupation jeweller and silversmith
3. JAMES REEVE HORNBLOW 15 Nov 1821 Chr. 24 March 1821 Saint Andrew's Holborn, father silversmith
I have no evidence that this particular William Hornblow was Sarah's brother. I just liked the iidea of her having an adventous brothter and so attache dhim to my story but the man did exist.
These documents are held at British Library, Asia, Pacific and Africa Collections
Contents: Chartered ship, 650 tons. Principal Managing Owners: William Hornblow, 2-4 Henry Templer. Voyages: (1) 1819/20 Madras and Bengal.
Capt William Hornblow. Downs 21 Apr 1820 - 11 Jun Rio de Janeiro - 1 Oct Calcutta - 30 Dec Saugor - 5 Jan 1821 Madras - 25 Mar Bombay -
5 Aug St Helena - 30 Sep Downs. (2) 1827/8 Bengal. Capt Robert Thornhill. Downs 7 Jul 1828 - 29 Nov Calcutta - 15 Jan 1829 Kedgeree - 4 Feb Madras - 25 Apr St Helena - 20 Jun Downs. (3) 1830/1 Bengal.
from my website
1st husband George Moore
George Moore and Sarah Hornblow
Her first marriage was to GEORGE MOORE .occupation uncertain, origins unknown;
They were married on 17 June 1810 at St Martin in Field Westminster, just before her eighteenth birthday. Martha Hornblow and William Moore witnessed the marriage.
They lived in East Street Colchester and their Children were-
1. Mary Catherine Moore born ( 40 weeks exactly after the wedding) on 30 March 1811 in Colchester Died age 12 in Grahamstown SA
2. John Cotton Moore possibly born 1812 . There is no record of his birth in the Colchester registers after 1813 .
I have tracked a John Moore, a tailor of the right age , in the census's first in East Street Colchester and later nearby Mistley, Occupation Tailor then Agent for East India Company and finally Sail Maker.John is mentioned in his mother Will of 1843 but as yet it is not possible to confirm his whereabouts after she left him behind in 1816 age-5 or 6.
3. Sarah Georgiana Moore Bapt. 14th March 1813 at St James the Great Church on East Hill Colchester. As yet it is not possible to confirm her whereabouts between 1816 and 1838 when she married in Stepney.
1816- Sarah Moore nee Hornblow, married John Cadle in 1816 and the lives of her children were changed forever. So far we have not found a death record for George in the time frame 1813-1815.
Certainly he doesn't seem to have died in Colchester in that period.
Separation may be what happened but that would not have allowed legal re- marriage. Divorce is the other possibility but it was rare , very expensive and required an act of Parliament making only possible alternative.
After a great deal of research I believe that this marriage was bigamous. 2013 and I still haven't found out but my theory is that George had them . At that time he could, legally, prevent Sarah from seeing or having any contact with her children if she no longer lived with him. I suspect that he allowed her to take Mary but separated her from the other two. Judging by the Will of their friend Edward Brett I can imagine that he and his wife Mary may have had a lot of contact with those two little children - they were evidently fond of the little girl because Edward Brett , Sarah Georgiana Moore, money in his will in 1854......
.click here to see the Will of Edward Brett with the bequest to Sarah Georgiana Moore - who when she had married Augustus Stephen Jeffery Pomery called their first son Augustus Jefferey Brett.
The Evidence - Why I think Sarah's second marriage was bigamous.
1. I was not able to find a death for George Moore in the time frame 1814 - 1816 in Colchester. despite an extensive, and expensive, search of the records.
2. The entry in the Deptford register showing that she declares herself 'spinster of the parish of Deptford BUT uses her married name of Moore see left ( the original pixilates when enlarged so I have overwritten the script.)
3. When daughter Sarah Georgiana Moore married in 1838 in Stepney,some 22 years after her parents separated , her father George is recorded as present- occupation corn merchant. Her brother John Cotton Moore also appears to have been married in Stepney but he lived in Messing in Essex, suggesting that father George might be in Stepney.
4. I have found no record of grandmother Elizabeth Hornblow taking or adopting Sarah Georgiana and her brother John who remained in England, yet her eldest child , Mary Catherine Moore ,age 8 went with her mother to South Africa and is found on the passenger list of HMS Ocean in the Howard Party.
Why did Sarah leave 2 of her children behind at all, if their father was dead and why didn't she take the children after 1821 ? I believe George was still alive, and may have gone to live in the Stepney, refusing to let Sarah have the children, as was his legal right in those days. When Sarah and her new husband went to South Africa in 1820 with their new family they took her eldest daughter Mary Catherine Moore, who sadly she died a few weeks after John Cadle was drowned in 1824.
George Moore did not as far as I know Sell his wife as described in my fictional account of her life.
Their daughter Sarah Georgiana Moore on 16 SEP 1838 was married to Augustus Stephen Jeffrey Pomery, born Stepney 1818.
The wedding was at in St Dustan's Stepney London and it appears that her father was present - George Moore is recorded as corn merchant (ie not deceased ) They married by Licence it was witnessed by & Caroline Maria Moore and her father Richard Pomeroy (commercial clerk)
The mystery remains as to who this other witness was - was maybe a family friend - In IGI _ I found a Caroline Maria Moore daughter of Edward and Elizabeth Moore Baptised St Dunstan 27 DEC 1816 which was the largest church to Stepney
Sarah's father, Rev John Hornblow's 1816 obituary states 'unpleasant circumstance took place respecting sentiment, which made much havoc before it subsided. In the course of his pilgrimage many trying circumstances occurred, both as to his religious and family connections, which caused him to go mourning'
Sarah Georgiana Moore and Augustus Frederick Pomery began married life in Stepney - the 1841 census has them living with his parents at 46 Green Street Stepney
Their first child, Georgiana, was born the following September 1839.
In total they had 8 children 1 daughter, my great grandmother, and 7 sons - 4 of whom survived into adulthood.-
Around the time that the Pomeroy's were settling into Liverpool in South Africa a gentleman, arrived by ship in Port Elizabeth, SA .
Grahams Town Journal ~ Thursday 12 January 1843
We have pleasure in announcing the arrival on Friday last in Algoa Bay of another vessel the Margaret Hardy from London 17th October with immigrants for this Colony.
The list of passengers Geo.MOORE Gentleman, Thos.DAVIS Engineer, G.WINDER Jeweller, Edward OWEN Gentleman, Mrs.CROFTON, Thos.FORRESTER (and wife) Farmer, A.McMASTER, wife and 2 children Surgeon Thos.COCKLIN Farmer, Maria PRINDERGRASS Servant, Mary VITCH do. ,Thos. PRINDERGRASS Farmer's man, Jno.SELBY (and wife) Farmer, J.M.JOHNSON do., C.HUMPHREY do., D.HUBBARD Carpenter, Mrs.KERSWELL and 1 child, Geo.GUNN (and wife) Coach builder, Mrs.BUCHANAN J.WALLACE, wife and 2 children Tinman, Mrs.LOVELL and child, W.C.DAVIS and wife, Eliza DAVIS Mary DAVIS and 4 children, J.MITCHELL and wife Carpenter, W.PIKE and wife and 3 children Farm labourer ,R.DUDGLY and wife Mason, H.D.WILLIAMS Painter, Jas.PIKE Labourer, Alex McDONALD Farmer ,Wm.McDONALD and wife do., Honor McDONALD, J.J.ABINGTON, wife and child Gentleman, Jno.WILLIAMS Farmer, Henry EDWARDS Draper, Mary LOVELL Servant. Total in steerage 66 souls
Whether it is the same George Moore it is impossible to tell. If this was her mislaid husband come visiting Sarah , now Mrs Gurney, must have had a bit of a shock, to have a first husband turn up might have cause a bit of a social stir!
Unless they were in agreement and had some sort of friendly arrangement that he would be introduced as an old friend from England. Who knows.
Sarah Hornblow/Moore/Cadle/ Thomas/ Gurney named all her children in her 1843 Will, including the two left behind, would seem to indicate that a communication was maintained but I suspect that this was between her and her friends Edward and Mary Brett in Colchester. Mary Brett appears the 1861 census a visitor at the home of Augustus and Sarah Pomeroy so it was obviously a connection of long standing.
The youngest son of Sarah Georgiana Moore & Augustus Stephen Jeffrey Pomeroy was Walter William who became a clergyman, evenually a canon, and married Martha Wire the granddaughter of one of Sarah Hornblows friends, Samuel Chigwell Wire.
Son Augustus Frederick Brett Pomeroy began work, like his father, as a clerk for the East India Company and in 1846 they moved to Liverpool where he started working for the Merseyside Harbour Board where there were newly constructed offices controlling the recently built Albert Docks .
By Augustus S J Pomeroy was 48 years old in 1863. He had initially been employed by the MDHB in June 1846 as Clerk to the Superintendent of the Albert Dock Liverpool. His salary at this point was 150 per annum. In 1858 Augustus was promoted to Principle of General Office and his salary raised to 250 per annum. In 1863 A S J Pomeroy was still in his position as Principle of General Office and in addition was Receiver of Charges and duty Superintendent of the Albert Dock Offices his wage was 275 per annum, plus house and coals. A S J Pomeroy was 63, when he was superannuated ( retired) in 1880. He received 300 p/a, the house and coals. He had worked for the MDHB for 34 Years.
The Pomeroy family lived at Dock House right in the midst of the Royal Albert Dock complex
Where George Moore lived and worked I have yet to establish (2013) but I suspect he was indeed in Stepney
Only surviving daughter Georgiana married Dr George Shearer, my great grandparents who went to China where my grandfather was born in 1870
I have traced all of the descendents of Sarah Georgiana Moore and her husband Augustus Pomeroy son of Richard Pomeroy and his wife Issot or Isset .
best wishes
Annie Pomeroy
from Annie Pomeroy B.A. (hons) HND graphic design
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Sarah married George MOORE on Jun 17, 1810 in St.Martins-In-The-Fields (London?).1


Sarah next married John Henry CADLE on Jan 29, 1816 in St.Pauls, Deptford, Kent, England.1 (John Henry CADLE was born about 1795 1 and died on Oct 11, 1823 near Salem Cape South Africa 1.)


Sarah next married James THOMAS on Dec 7, 1824. (James THOMAS was born in Grahamstown Cathedral, Grahamstown, Cape Colony, Southern Africa ? 1 and died in 1827 1.)

bullet  Marriage:

1. Historical. 1 They were married by Rev. T. Ireland on 7 Dec 1874


Sarah next married Charles GURNEY on Dec 7, 1828.1 (Charles GURNEY was born in Port Elizabeth ? 1.)



1 F.M.Williams, The Family Tree of John Henry Cadle-1820 Settler (Extracts Thereof supplied by Conrad Mercer).

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