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WAKELIN, James 1

  • Born: Aug 16, 1867, Croughton, Northhamptonshire, UK.
  • Marriage: LOUW, Katherina Sophia
  • Died: Feb 2, 1917 aged 49
  • Buried: Dutch Reformed Church Cemetery, Observatory, Cape Town.

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1. Historical. Email dated 25 Jan 2009 from Ian Longford.
Ralph, Greetings - Re your excellent web family tree: You have a James Wakelin on your page:>
who is an emigrated member of my own family (he was the uncle of my grandmother Emily Wakelin) The evidence for this is as follows:
1. Your page says: James married Katherina Sophia Louw, daughter of Albert Willem Louw and Rachel Elizabeth Locke. (Katherina Sophia Louw was born in 1873, died on 2 Sep 1947 in "Hollymount", Clarens Road, Seapoint, Cape Town. and was buried in Dutch Reformed Church Cemetery, Mowbray, Cape Town..) Also that his children were: Wakelin, Ivy Irene Wakelin, Daphne (see below) Wakelin, Eric Wakelin, Norman Wakelin, RubyWakelin, Alma Wakelin, Victor
2. This ties up with the National Archives of South Africa (NASA) gravestone data for a gravestone at the Dutch Reformed Church Cemetery, Main Road, Observatory, Cape Town. This gives:James Wakelin born 16 Aug 1867 died 2 Feb 1917 James' wife Sophie Wakelin born 27 Dec 1872 died 2 September 1947 ie. From this we have James' date of birth as 16 August 1867.
3. From my English family history data I have James Wakelin born in the village of Croughton, Northamptonshire on 16 August 1866, with the birth being Registered at nearby town of Brackley (GRO Ref: 1866 Quarter of Registration: Jul-Aug-Sep District: Brackley, Volume: 3b Page: 4 ) The birth certificate gives parents as: Joseph and Elizabeth Wakelin of Croughton.[Note there is a one year discrepancy in birth year w.r.t. the Cape Town record, however slipping a year is not unusual, but the same day and month are convincing]
4. We have English Census records for 1871 (at Croughton with James age 4) and 1881 (at Stubbins, Ramsbottom, Lancashire, with James age 14). It is well established from family records that Joseph and Elizabeth took their family of 8 children from rural Northamptonshire (where there were no jobs) to industrial Lancashire (where there were good employment prospects in the textile industry).
5. We have it family record that James Wakelin emigrated from Lancashire to South Africa about 1890. He sent home a greeting card from there which we have dated 10 Dec 1890. James maintained contact with his Lancashire family and some years later visited them in Lancashire. My late father remembered this.One thing we knew from such family contacts was that he had a daughter called Daphne. We also knew that he had prospered in SA through being a property developer.
8. If you want more of his direct line, we have it back to his grandfather Francis Wakelin b.1770.
Ian Longworth Dunstable, UK

2. Cemetery.
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3. Historical. Visit of James Wakelin to England
Was it in summer 1900 that James Wakelin left his home in Cape Town in order to visit his siblings in England and was he accompanied by his wife Sophie Catherine (nee Louw) ?
James was a son of Joseph and Elizabeth Wakelin, born in August 1866, so he would be nearly 33 years old in June 1900. He had at least five brothers and sisters who were alive and living in Lancashire in 1900.
According to the records of the Congregational Church, Stubbins, where he was a member, James emigrated from Lancashire to Cape Town sometime in 1890. He had arrived by December 1890 when he sent home a letter containing a "pressed leaf" with the words "from Jim to Ted and Rachel, Happy New Year, 10 Dec 1890, South Africa.
The record of James' visit to England passed down through the 'Ted and Rachel' Wakelin line is that:
James returned on a visit to Lancashire bringing souvenirs that were kept by the family and were later in the possession of his niece Emily at 24 North Street, Strongstry. The souvenirs included a spent cartridge shell from the battle of Magersfontein (Majestfontein) that was fought in 1899.
Information about James passed down through the 'Ted and Rachel' Wakelin line (and possibly dating from the time of this visit was that:
" In Cape Town, James was first a barber and later a factory manager.
He prospered and became a property developer. He married in South Africa and had two children, one being a daughter named Daphne. "
Note: We now know, from South African family sources, that in 1900 James was married to Sophie Catherine (nee Louw) and that, at that time, he had two children Daphne (b. ?) and Victor (b. 23 Oct 1899.
We also now know, from South African Archive sources, that James Wakelin was active in property development in Cape Town in the years 1894 and 1896, and again later in 1904, 1906 and 1908, years when Mortgage Bonds were taken out in his name.
There are no such papers that relate to property developments round about the year 1900.
It is likely that 1900 was a lean time for private property development as it was in the middle of the Boer War with all available building materials no doubt being commandeered for military use . So this might have been considered by James an appropriate time for a visit to family in England.
One of the databases on Ancestry is that for 'UK Incoming Passenger Lists, 1878-1960'
search of this (albeit incomplete) database for Wakelin family members who boarded ships in South Africa and landed in England the period 1890-1917 gives only one entry which could be James Wakelin of Cape Town, as follows:
Steam ship "Norman" of the Union Castle Line which arrived in Southampton on 15 June 1900 lists ' Mr and Mrs Wakelin' as an English family who boarded at Cape Town. This particular Passenger List is very sketchy and unfortunately does not give their ages or occupation (in the columns set aside for this), though they are indicated to be of other than working class.
So there is a fair possibility that this ' Mr and Mrs Wakelin' are James Wakelin accompanied by wife Sophie. One thing counting against this conclusion is that they were apparently travelling without their children, baby Victor age 8 months and small child Daphne. Had they been left in the care of Sophie's sister Annie ?
One final thought, James and Sophie Wakelin had a son "Norman" Andrew Wakelin who was born 8 Apr 1901. This was almost exactly nine months after the date (15 June 1900) at which the ship "Norman" arrived in Southampton !

4. Marriage. From: Ian Longworth []
Sent: 17 February 2009 05:03 PM
To: Jeanette Serfontein
Subject: Marriage of Joseph Wakelins
This is about Joseph Wakelin and his wife Elizabeth nee Arnold
You may have noticed from data sent earlier (eg. from gravestone
inscription) that Elizabeth Arnold (b. 1826) was nearly 10 years older than
Joseph (b. 1836) and that when they married in October 1854 (see copy of
Certificate attached and transcription below), he was only 18 whilst she was
aged 28.
Moreover she was a unmarried mother with two children:
- Arthur b. about 1847 and- Louisa Maria b. April 1850
[she was the mother of Albert Charles Wakelin
[Arnold] who we now know emigrated to Cape Town to join James].
So this was a rather unusual marriage - it is usually a man who is a
substantially older partner (when there is such an age difference).
GRO Marriage Certificate (Copy obtained by Ian Longworth 7/3/1989)
1 October 1854 Marriage solemized at the Independent Chapel in the District
of Brackley in the County of Northampton
Joseph Wakelin, Minor, Bachelor, Occupation: Laborer, Residence: Croughton,
Father: Thomas Wakelin, Laborer
Elizabeth Arnold, Full age, Spinster, Occupation: Lacemaker, Residence:
Croughton, Father: not given.
Witnesses: William Coleman & Eliza Coleman.
[Note, that Joseph could write enough to sign his name on the marriage
register but Elizabeth and the witnesses could only make their mark
(typically just an 'x' )]
My guess as to the background to this is that James was very keen to get out
of his family home (in the High Street, Croughton), and that when he had the
chance to move in with a single lady who had her own home, he seized the
opportunity for independance, never mind the age difference or step
children. In support of this:
- The 1851 Census shows Elizabeth living with her sister in a cottage in
Mill Lane, Croughton.
- The 1861Census shows that Joseph had moved into the Mill Lane cottage and
since marriage in 1854 already had 4 children by Elizabeth in 7 years
(Sarah, Edwin, Jane and Alfred).
1851 England Census
HO107; Piece: 1735; Folio: ; Page: 8;
Registration district: Brackley, Sub registration district: Brackley
Civil Parish: Croughton, Northamptonshire
Street address: Mill Lane
Sarah Arnold, Head, age 33, Single, Pauper Lacemaker, b. Croughton
Elizabeth Arnold, sister, 23, single, b. Croughton, Northamptonshire
William B Arnold, nephew, 9, Plough boy, b. Croughton, Northamptonshire
Arthur Arnold, nephew, 2,
Louisa M Arnold, niece, 11 months, born: Croughton, Northamptonshire
1861 England Census
RG9; Piece: 921; Folio: 81; Page: 7;
Registration district: Brackley, Sub registration district: Brackley
Civil Parish: Croughton, Northamptonshire
Street address: Mill Street
Joseph Wakelin, Head, Age: 25 (b. abt 1836), Herdsman, b. Croughton,
Elizabeth Wakelin, age 34, b. Fritwell, Oxfordshire
Arthur Arnold, son in law, 13 b. Ploughboy, Croughton, Northamptonshire
Louisa Arnold, dau in law, 11, Pillow Lacemaker, b. Croughton,
Sarah E Wakelin, dau, 6, Scholar, b. Croughton, Northamptonshire
Edwin W Wakelin, son, 4, Scholar, b. Croughton, Northamptonshire
Jane E Wakelin, dau, 2, b. Croughton, Northamptonshire
Alfred W Wakelin, son, age 8 Mo, b. Croughton, Northamptonshire
William B Arnold, Nephew, 19, Ag. Lab., b. Croughton, Northamptonshire
Sarah Arnold, Sister in law, 45, Formerly Servant, b. Croughton,

5. Historical. The Wakelines in South Africa.

6. Historical. The Wakelins in South Africa 2

7. Alt Birth. According to Ian Longworth he was born in 1866


James married Katherina Sophia LOUW, daughter of Albert Willem LOUW and Rachel Elizabeth LOCKE. (Katherina Sophia LOUW was born on Dec 27, 1872, died on Sep 2, 1947 in "Hollymount", Clarens Road, Seapoint, Cape Town. and was buried in Dutch Reformed Church Cemetery, Mowbray, Cape Town..)



1 Dorothy Serfontein & Family, Serfontein Atlas (Compiled by Dot Serfontein & Tientie van Wyk in 1984.
Supplemented by Jeanette Serfontein (nee Forsyth) spouse of the late Peter Serfontein, and his sister Pamela Upton.).

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